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Concrete Polishing!


Finished Concrete Polishing


Kitchen Tile


Wood Style Tile


Beautiful Finishing

Imprints in Floor & Wall

We Offer the Best Terrazzo, Flooring & Tiles Solutions


We have many years of experienced polishing concrete floors, designing terrazzo floors for churches, schools and government establishments.
We also install tyle or wood floors for residential and commercial buildings. Please contact us today for a free estimate. We will offer you the best quality and price!


RG Concrete Polishing Offers The Best Flooring Solutions

We have the right team and all the equipment needed to offer you only quality work. Weather you need tile floors, wood floors, concrete polishing or terrazzo. We can get the job done and guarantee your satisfaction!

The Best Flooring Solutions

We have many years experienced on flooring.
We know the business very well. We can accommodate to your specific needs.
Call us today to discuss the different options for you!

All the materials we use are environmentally friendly

Polished concrete floors are easier to clean using only eco-friendly products. Polished concrete is high in durability and low in environment impact.

All the equipment is certified

Our equipment is Earth-friendly. No hard chemicals or emissions release to the environment.

Diverse Flooring Solution

We done small and big projects.
We done projects for government, schools, hospitals, apartment complex, factories and residential. We can provide great finish floors.

Bamboo Flooring
Ceramic Tiles
Porcelain Tiles

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*With Many Years of Professional Experienced!
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*Our Work is 100% Guaranteed!

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